Saturday, April 25, 2009

Birthday Celebrations

We spent our Saturday celebrating birthdays. First we went to Lake Whitney for Dakota's 7th birthday. I can't believe he is already 7. He is getting so tall and so mature!!! We had a blast and were very tired on the way home. For dinner, we went to mommy's favorite resturant, Shogun, to celebrate Aunt Shawna's birthday. Thanks for picking such a great resturant Shawna and not paying me back for the one's I always choose in March.

Dakota loved the gift card he got from Corbin and Gage.

Make a wish!!

Seth loved his cookie. How things change in just 6 months. He hated sweets when he turned 1. Blane is patiently waiting for his food.

Playing in the water with Mimi.

Smile birthday boy!

Look at that handsome baseball player!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

We hope everyone had a great Easter! We certainly did. The Easter bunny came to visit and then we went to church and then back to our house to eat lunch. It was a great day!!!

There can't be a holiday without a family picture, right?

Seth loved all the goodies the Easter bunny brought him!

He also loved finding eggs all over the house.

After he discovered the eggs had jellybeans in them, he really got excited.

Yummy. A mouth full of jellybeans.

Seth always shares with Thor.

Seth's absolute favorite thing was his new "fridge phonics". He played with it all day.

Pop and the boys. I know it looks liked we've druged Gage in this picture but I just took the picture at the wrong time. Sorry Gagey.

Seth with Mimi and Pop.

Another egg hunt with Corbin and Gage.

Seth had so much fun finding eggs. I hope he doesn't expect more tomorrow morning.

Seth took a break to look inside his egg.

Yea, more eggs in the playroom.

I love the mouth full of candy!

Saturday, April 11, 2009

No Easter Bunny pic for us!

Last year's picture of Seth and the Easter Bunny was PRECIOUS, but this year did not turn out as well. This was our second attempt to get him to take a picture. We went about 2 weeks ago and Seth acted like he loved the Easter bunny. He waved at him and said "Bye bye bunny" but as we got closer, his grip on me got tighter and tighter. I even tried to sit with him and he was not having it. This time I just put him down and hid, thinking he would look at the lady with all the squeaky toys and stop crying but it just got worse after this. Oh well, so this is our picture this year. I still think it's great!

Seth ready to hunt eggs with is adorable basket that Aunt Susie gave him. She always find the cutiest things.

Seth was much happier trying on hats with daddy.

And he loved throwing pennies into the water fountains.