Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We had a great time this week celebrating Christmas! We started with my family on Christmas Eve and a mexican dinner. Yum! Mimi and Pop spent the night so they could see what Santa brought Seth. It was so fun to see his reaction to the toys and the empty cookie plate. We headed to Shawn's family for lunch and then to Blane and Dakota's house the day after Christmas. Seth got to ride the tractor, horses, and play with his cousins. The next night when I was helping him say his prayers, he said "Jesus, Thank you tractor, thank you cows." It was so darn cute!!! Here are just a few pictures of our great week.
Merry Christmas!!

All the boys "waking Pop up". This is one of Seth's favorite games.

The kids table. Seth, Corbin and Gage.

Corbin and Gage helped Seth open his present from Mimi and Pop.

And here it is...his own chair with his name on it. They are watching the Nemo movie that Aunt Shawna got Seth.

Seth was not sure what to think when he saw the presents that Santa left.

His big present from Santa...a bike. He is already getting good at pedaling, but if the weather would cooperate, we could go outside and practice a litte more.

One of Seth's favorite toys from Santa...a shotgun. It makes a pretty realistic sound and he runs around the house looking for deer.

Santa also brought Seth horses, tractors, and a bull rider.

Seth does not look too suprised about Nana's present because he already tore off half of the wrapping paper a few weeks ago. Oh well, he was still excited about it.

Nana's present after some hard work putting it together by daddy.

Shawn took Seth sleding before the ice melted. Seth, being the dare devil he is, loved it!

Seth and his cousin Beau.

This was on the way home from Shawn's Grandma's house around 6:30. Seth did not have a nap and did not wake up until 7:30 the next morning!!! He had a great day!!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Holiday Fun in Grapevine

Well, we've been to Grapevine twice in the last 4 days to have some Christmas fun. We first went on Saturday to ride the North Pole Express. It was a really neat experience. We wanted to see a few more things while we were there but I was so sick that I had to get Shawn to bring me home while my parents took Seth. So...we headed back to Grapevine Tuesday night to go to Bass Pro Shop. This is one of Seth's favorite places to go and since Santa was there, it made it even better.

Jumping for joy!

Seth loves trains. Gayle just bought him one to go around the tree today, so he is really interested in them now.

I didn't get to put the picture of Seth and Santa, but I was SO proud of him. He sat in Santa's lap again and this time he even told him what he wanted for Christmas. He said a farm (Shawn told him to say that) and toys. How cute!

Seth loved the 4 wheelers of course. I think he liked the regular things more than he enjoyed the Christmas decorations.

Shooting some birds (don't ask me what kind)!

This was a really cute ride. It had Santa's sleigh and all the reindeer.

This was on Saturday at the North Pole Express.

Watching the preshow (which was really cute) with Mimi and Pop.

Burrr! It was cold outside on sat. Thank goodness all of the activities were inside.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Deck the Halls

We got started on our Christmas decorating a little early this year. We actually got all the lights and decorations put up the day before Thanksgiving. It was so nice to come home the day after Thanksgiving and get to relax in a festive house.

Shawn did a great job again this year with the outside lights. This is not his favorite thing to do but I love it. What a great husband!

Seth loves the tree. He keeps pointing at the ornaments and saying "Mommy, these breakable". He hasn't broken any yet, but we still have a few more weeks to go.
Seth loves the tree in his room. It is decorate with fish, fishing poles, and tackle boxes.

After the first picture in front of the tree, Seth wanted to stand in front of all the trees to have his picture taken. I put always put 1 big tree and 2 small trees inside the house. I love having the Christmas lights on and all the other lights off at night.