Tuesday, May 26, 2009

We love Galveston!!!

I know it is not the prettiest beach but it is a fun, quick, and cheap! Shawn and I decided on Sat. afternoon that Galveston sounded like a great getaway, so we left Allen at 6:00 and pulled onto the causeway at 10:30. We spent Saturday morning at the beach and then hung out around Galveston that afternoon. We had a blast riding bikes, feeding the seagulls, shopping, and of course, eating great seafood. We went back to the beach on Monday morning and stayed most of the day before heading back home. It was a quick but fun trip!!!
Seth after a long weekend. He slept for 3 hours on the way home.

Seth loved to sit in the water and throw the mud and shells.

Taking a break and sneaking a sip of daddy's drink.

Sand is so much fun!

Seth thought he was such a big boy shooting the water gun with daddy.

Seth loved the outside of the Rainforest Cafe but did not like the inside at all! He was scared of the costume frog.

My handsome boy!!

Seth kept seeing these bikes and would yell "Bike, Bike" so we had to rent one and go for a ride. It would start raining about 10 minutes after we started!!

Seth loved feeding the seagulls but couldn't understand why they would run off when he chased them.

Seth and Daddy relaxing at the beach.

Seth had so much fun at the beach!!!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Great Mother's Day

Sorry, I wasn't thinking and wrote about these pictures at the bottom so you can read about it after the pictures!
Happy Birthday Grandma!!

Dakota was such a sweet big cousin. He took Seth for a ride several times.

Mia and Seth. Seth had a great time playing with Mia since they are so close in age. (3 months apart) I think it confirms that he is ready to be around kids his age during the day next year.

More riding with the big boys. Seth loved riding with Blane because he was a crazy driver.

Seth's first momo (motorcycle) ride with Pop. He loved it.

Troy took all the younger boys on a tractor ride. He even stopped to pose for pictures!

Donuts! Yummy, yummy! Of course Seth only ate 2 bites and then ate the whole plate of cantaloupe.

Playing Wii

Blane, the crazy driver.

It was another very busy weekend in our house. Shawn had 2 rodeo's this weekend and placed 3rd overall on Saturday. Yea Daddy!! Seth absolutely loves going to see daddy ride. He did get very sleep on Saturday saying "Mommy, go bye bye" several times by the end of the night. Sat. morning, we headed to Austin to see my grandma, cousins, aunts, uncle, and lots and lots of kids!! We had a great time with our relatives who we don't see very often. Seth had a blast playing with all the boys, and we do have a lot of boys in our family. On Mother's Day, Seth and Daddy suprised me with a purse that I've been wanting and then we ate at Chuy's for lunch. It couldn't get any better than that!!! Here are a few pictures.