Monday, June 14, 2010

Let the summer begin!!!

I know summer offically started last week but I had a
busy first week including a team leader retreat and Seth
getting strep, so we are so glad that we can finally relax and do
"summer things"!
Seth is definatley an outdoors kind of guy but it is just so hot right
now that if we are outside, we are in the water!

Daddy, of course, brought over the big slide! Seth had a blast.

We have a new "fun spot" to go to by our house. The village
of Fairview has a small splash pad for the kids. It is a great
place to hang out at night. It's right in front of the purple cow
resturant and they do a cool light/water show every night.

This looks like a collision but somehow these two missed each other.

We have also been eating A LOT of watermelon. Anyone
who knows Seth knows that he LOVES fruit.
Watermelon is his new favorite fruit.

He likes to share his watermelon with Sadie.

Seth's cousins came over for a few hours the other day and
they had a blast (well, until later that afternoon when I took
Seth to the doctor for a rash and found out he had strep throat.
Yep, both cousins had it 4 days later).

This 4 wheeler ride is probably how Gagey got the strep. :)