Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best Big Brother in the World!!

Little did we know that Saturday would be Seth's last day as an "only child". Seth had gone to spend the night with Mimi and Pop so daddy and I could have one last date night, but I was soooo incredibly tired (which I have not been the whole pregnancy) that we ended up laying on the bed watching football and sleeping. Around 7:45 I got up to do a few things and my water broke!! We have been very worried how Seth would react to having another child in the house, so we just attended a "sibling class" that morning at the hospital. Perfect timing!! Well, as you can tell from the pictures below, most of our worries are gone (for now). I know there will be times when I panic b/c Seth is too rough with Slade and we'll have to do lots of talking about baby vs big boy toys, but I know now that Seth is going to be the best big brother in the world!!!
Seth did not like the hospital bed that mommy had to lay in while we were waiting on Slade to come out. I was lucky I got this one kiss!
After delivery, Seth wanted to hold Slade (as long as Mimi was right there). It was midnight before they could hold Slade so he had already fallen asleep once and was very tired.

As you can see, Seth was very comfortable with his new brother when he saw him. Notice the date on the picture (10/10/10). Shawn begged the nurse to wait a few hours before she called the dr. to deliver but it didn't work. :)
Seth holding his baby. He was a baby hog and would not let anyone else hold Slade. He said it is "my baby".

Sweet sweet kisses. We'll see in 12 yrs if he's still giving these kisses. :)

Now Seth wants to hold and cuddle Slade. What a sweet big brother!
My only question now is what to do with my blog name. I know I'm not very good about blogging and I don't promise to be any better (especially after I go back to work) but I would like to keep it, so I need suggestions for a new name!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Busy summer so far!

I think Seth may think that the Hilton is his new home...we have stayed at 2 different ones
in the last 2 weeks. Our first trip was to Galveston, our annual vacation spot. This year we
had a very hard time finding a week that Shawn could get off work at the same time that I didn't have anything going on, so Seth and I hopped in the car with my mom and dad and
made the trip down to Galveston. Seth had a blast, as always, and loved spending time
with Mimi and Pop!

My favorite store, Murdochs! We were happy to see it reopened this year after it got
wiped out by the hurricane!

Seth loved for Pop to bury him in the sand.

We can not go to the beach without crackers for the seagulls.

Seth had a blast playing in the water! He is definately a water baby.
Just 2 days after we got back from Galveston, we headed on another 5 hour trip to
San Antonio. We have not been since Seth was born and I knew he would love
Sea World.

Seth saw this sucker when we first got to Sea World, but we told him he would
have to wait until we left. 8 hours later, he still remembered that sucker!!!

Feeding the dolphins was the first thing we did. Seth was still a little skeptical
and would not touch the dolphins, but he loved feeding them.

We stayed in a great "kid friendly" Hilton right by Sea World. We roasted smores
at night and watched movies outside.

The pool was also a great part of the hotel. We spent several hours the first day
cooling off in the pool.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Let the summer begin!!!

I know summer offically started last week but I had a
busy first week including a team leader retreat and Seth
getting strep, so we are so glad that we can finally relax and do
"summer things"!
Seth is definatley an outdoors kind of guy but it is just so hot right
now that if we are outside, we are in the water!

Daddy, of course, brought over the big slide! Seth had a blast.

We have a new "fun spot" to go to by our house. The village
of Fairview has a small splash pad for the kids. It is a great
place to hang out at night. It's right in front of the purple cow
resturant and they do a cool light/water show every night.

This looks like a collision but somehow these two missed each other.

We have also been eating A LOT of watermelon. Anyone
who knows Seth knows that he LOVES fruit.
Watermelon is his new favorite fruit.

He likes to share his watermelon with Sadie.

Seth's cousins came over for a few hours the other day and
they had a blast (well, until later that afternoon when I took
Seth to the doctor for a rash and found out he had strep throat.
Yep, both cousins had it 4 days later).

This 4 wheeler ride is probably how Gagey got the strep. :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fun @ Mimi and Pops!!

We headed to my mom and dad's last Sunday to celebrate Pop's (my dad) 57th birthday!

Seth riding the motorcycle which is always the boy's favorite thing to do at Mimi and Pop's
Getting ready to ride!

The boys helped Pop blow out his candles. I think my mom was a little scared to put 57 candles on the cake. We might have had to call 911.

Pop got the BB gun out to shoot squirrels so of course Seth had to try it too.
And another favorite thing...playing in the sand pile. Seth did not like getting sand on his clothes so he decided to take them off and play naked!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010


Wow. It's been at least 2 months since I have posted anything on our blog, but I have to be honest...I feel like I'm doing double work here. I usually post the same pics on here as I do on Facebook and most of my friends that view the blog are also on FB. Anyway, since I'm not truely blogging, but just posting pics, I probably just won't post as often as I used to. Anyway, that was a lot of blabbing! We had a great time on Easter. Weather was beautiful, family came over, and had a good time teaching the kids at church. I hope everyone else had a great day!
Seth was excited to see that the Easter bunny came to our house.
This is 1 of 4 egg hunts that Seth went on. He's getting really good at finding eggs.

Of course he had to open each egg to see what kind of candy was inside.

Seth has been talking about kites ever since the older kids had kite day at school (I guess they went out and watched them) so the Easter bunny brought him a kite.

Another egg hunt...this time with Corbin and Gage.
A quick candy break.

After nap, we went outside to play with our neighbors from a few doors down. This is becoming a daily activity. It's really nice to have so many kids on our street to play with.
Daddy flying the kite and Seth watching.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Good bye 2009 (11 days late)

The real reason that I am posting this blog is becuase I am so tired of the Christmas theme. Don't get me wrong, I love Christmas. It is my favorite and one of the most important holidays that I celebrate, but when it's over, I am ready to get the decorations down! So, I've decided to post a few of my favorite pictures from 2009. They are in no certain order (sorry, I didn't have time to think about that) but you can definately tell what, or who, our year was all about! I hope everyone has a very happy 2010. I know we will!
Playingin with bubbles on a nice summer day.

Seth has become a huge longhorn fan. He's still working on the hand motion, but he's got the "hook em horns" saying down.

Seth and 2 of his cousins at our family retreat over the summer.

We went to our favorite vacation spot 2 times this year...Galveston. This was taken at Moody Gardens.
Watching the fireworks on July 4th!
Another one of our favorite hangouts...Watters Creek. You could find us there almost every weekend this summer, listening to the band and having a picnic on the green.
This has to be my favorite picture of the year. My little beach bum.
Daddy's little helper.

A quick family picture on Shawn's birthday.
My favorite present ever!!! Seth turned 2 years old this year. I had very mixed emotions. I was happy that he is such a happy, healthy, energetic boy, but I hate to see him grow so fast.
I just love this picture of Seth and Daddy.

Seth's 2nd birthday party.
This is a great picture of Seth's true personality. He loves to laugh and be wild! He is so much fun!!!

This year, Seth was bull rider for Halloween. He is still loves to play "bull rider" in this outfit. He's the cutes bull rider (along with his daddy) that I've ever seen.
Seth found a new love for motorcycles this year. He loves everything about them, especially riding them. He even said "thank you for the momo" in his prayer the other night.
Seth thought this was soooo funny and mommy had to catch the gross moment on camera. Isn't this just like a boy to do?
Seth started his new school this year and loves it. These are a few of his favorite friends from class.

This was the first year that Seth understood to some extent Santa and presents. He is still asking when Santa is coming to bring him more candy. :)