Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Best Big Brother in the World!!

Little did we know that Saturday would be Seth's last day as an "only child". Seth had gone to spend the night with Mimi and Pop so daddy and I could have one last date night, but I was soooo incredibly tired (which I have not been the whole pregnancy) that we ended up laying on the bed watching football and sleeping. Around 7:45 I got up to do a few things and my water broke!! We have been very worried how Seth would react to having another child in the house, so we just attended a "sibling class" that morning at the hospital. Perfect timing!! Well, as you can tell from the pictures below, most of our worries are gone (for now). I know there will be times when I panic b/c Seth is too rough with Slade and we'll have to do lots of talking about baby vs big boy toys, but I know now that Seth is going to be the best big brother in the world!!!
Seth did not like the hospital bed that mommy had to lay in while we were waiting on Slade to come out. I was lucky I got this one kiss!
After delivery, Seth wanted to hold Slade (as long as Mimi was right there). It was midnight before they could hold Slade so he had already fallen asleep once and was very tired.

As you can see, Seth was very comfortable with his new brother when he saw him. Notice the date on the picture (10/10/10). Shawn begged the nurse to wait a few hours before she called the dr. to deliver but it didn't work. :)
Seth holding his baby. He was a baby hog and would not let anyone else hold Slade. He said it is "my baby".

Sweet sweet kisses. We'll see in 12 yrs if he's still giving these kisses. :)

Now Seth wants to hold and cuddle Slade. What a sweet big brother!
My only question now is what to do with my blog name. I know I'm not very good about blogging and I don't promise to be any better (especially after I go back to work) but I would like to keep it, so I need suggestions for a new name!